NEW Ridiculous Art Rules

November 24 2013
Never Touch a Painting When it's Wet and 50 other Ridiculous Art Rules

Art rules the world. But what about the rules of art? In our current day and age, the general consensus seems to be that creativity, divine inspiration and art can never be bound by rules. Artists need to push the envelope, be ahead of the curve, and if there are any rules out there it is the artist’s prerogative, if not God-given right, to break them. But up to the early 20th century, artists did not have the complete artistic freedom that they are believed to enjoy today. They were bound by rules of art, of decency and indeed of taste.

This books contains 51 art rules. From the age-old ‘Rule of Thirds’ to modern mantras like ‘Design isn’t art.’ Myths, like the one of the struggling artist, are dispelled, while other rules are merely confirmed with the help of quotes by artists, theorists and art enthusiasts. 

This is the final title in the popular Ridiculous Rules series.

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For Sale: Indie Brands Christmas Crate

November 23 2013
Indie Brands and Pakhuis de Zwijger proudly present the Indie Christmas Crate: a Christmas hamper for freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone with a taste for good products by indie entrepreneurs.
The Indie Christmas Crate does not contain useless Christmas crap or cheap-ass ads. Instead we filled it with good and tasty products by indie entrepreneurs. The crate in which the products are delivered is a handmade bicycle crate by Amsterdam indie brand TWO-O and contains goodies from Tony's Chocolonely, Just Nuts, Mr. Jones, John Altman, Donny Craves, Pepper Smith, Oedipus Brewing, Moyee coffee, So T.[ea][ime] and a copy of the book 'Loser: Over Het Leed dat Falen Heet' (because we know that indie entrepreneurship has both its ups and downs ). The first 50 buyers will receive an extra gift: beer from Halbe.

The Indie Christmas Crate has a retail value of about €80, but it's yours for just €49.95 (excl. €7,55 shipping & handling) so order now!

The Indie Christmas Crate can only be ordered until December 12. We will start shipping them in the week of December 16. Companies that want to order larger quantities for their staff can contact us directly (because then we won't ship each crate individually): info [at]


Indie Brands Event #5 FOOD

November 22 2013
Food is hot. And as a result a growing number of young entrepreneurs is diving into the food business head first. In line with popular trends like producing locally, organic and urban farming, as well as serving street food – preferably in a revamped food truck – there is plenty of indie food brands to choose from. But why would you, as a small indie brand, opt for the food industry? Goods are perishable, there is food and safety regulations to adhere to, the competition in the supermarket is enormous and profit margins tend to be small. So what's the appeal? What ingredients go into starting and indeed running a successful indie food brand?

During the 5th edition of the Indie Brands event we'll be turning our attention to food & beverages. In an extra long edition we'll showcase different brand stories that are bound to inspire. From one man liquor brands to medium-sized corporations that are taking on the big boys in their quest to change the food industry.

We'll be talking to newbies as well as Indie Brands favorites like Tony Chocolonely and Mr. Jones tea. We'll learn about the life and times of indie food brands: from the initial idea to the first kitchen experiments right down to the headaches, heartaches and hiccups that also come with running an indie brand.

Expect inspirational lectures and words of wisdom by indie food entrepreneurs. Sample great food. Enjoy an indie cuppa at our coffee corner or sit down at our Biergarten stacked with local beers. And last but not least: the Indie Brands Supermarket is back and it's stocked with great indie brands – food and other – that make for some great Christmas gifts.

with Mr. Jones, John Altman, Donny Craves, Tony Chocolonely, Justnuts, Gastrovan, Professor Grunschnabel, Halbe, Oedipus Brewing, Natwerk, Mister Kitchen, Peppersmith, Backyard Coffee, De Kleine Keuken, Kate Mossel, and more...

Tickets are €17,50. Buy your tickets here.

NEW Fashion Rules

November 22 2013
Brand new cover, same fabulous content!

"The book is neatly designed. Small format, great graphics and plenty of illustrations commissioned to talented young graphic designers." 
- We Make Money Not Art 

The international fashion police is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a seemingly endless list of rules, it dictates all the do’s and don’ts and acts as judge and jury in dealing with those guilty of committing a fashion faux-pas. But while some of the rules that are enforced by the fashion-conscious are nothing short of ridiculous, others serve more as words of wisdom that can prevent people from committing a crime against fashion. 

Edited by: Anneloes van Gaalen |
Design: BORN’84 |  English | 2nd print | 160 pages |
Hardcover | 17 x 12 cm | € 15 |  
ISBN 978 90 6369 214 8 

**** BUY THE BOOK ****

Never Photograph People Eating: Ridiculous Photography Rules

June 01 2013
Anneloes van Gaalen never stops researching ridiculous rules in creative sectors and we are thankful for that, because it produces more of these wonderful and bestselling Ridiculous Design Rules books, which make perfect gifts for creative people and those who love creative work. 

Six books have been published and reprinted (!) so far, and we are now pleased to announce the next new title: Never Photograph People Eating and 50 other Ridiculous Photography rules

For each of the 51 rules covered in each book, Van Gaalen refers to quotes by famous fellow creators, who either think there is something to the rule or have made a personal variation on it.

Edited by: Anneloes van Gaalen |
Design: BORN’84 | English | 160 pages |
Hardcover | 17 x 12 cm | € 15 |  
ISBN 978-90-6369-277-3

Indie Brands Event #4

May 25 2013
During the fourth edition of this event we will examine different indie business trends. How can you stand out as an indie brand in trying financial times? Is being independent enough? What new types of business models are indie entrepreneurs coming up with to keep their brand alive and kicking? And how are they funding these ideas?

One of the new business models we will be discussing is social distribution. Works That Work magazine has embraced this model. The makers of the magazine bypass traditional distribution networks, which typically take the largest part of the cover price, as well as con- trol where the publication will be sold and at what price. Instead they want to deepen their relationships with their readers, and make them partners in their enterprise.

We will also be looking at social entrepreneur- ship in third world countries. Why do more and more Indie Brands choose to produce their products in Africa? Is it simply a matter of hiring cheap labour or are we dealing with a new wave of socially conscious indie entrepreneurs? We will be talking to the men behind SuperKoeien, a shoe brand that has its roots in Kenya. As well as the producers of the BlackStarBikes, who get their bamboo frames from Ghana.

Consumers are becoming more demanding: they prefer brands that are authentic and sustainable. This trend has not gone unnoticed: big corporations are also trying to get on the indie bandwagon using indie musicians to borrow their credibility, while others set up fake indie business, as The Guardian recently reported. We will be discussing this search for authenticity and how to keep it real. Visions upon this matter will be shared by all represented Indie Brands this evening.

We will also be revisiting 2 Indie Brands - Ikku and Alfredo Gonzales - and see where they are now.

The Indie Brands Supermarket will also open its temporary doors so you can stock up on products, outfits and accessories by different Indie Brands. Sarah Bagner from will also be joining us, selling both products and sharing her story. The Indie Brands Event is an initiative by Anneloes van Gaalen and Pakhuis de Zwijger and will be moderated by Jörgen Tjon A Fong (Urban Myth).

Indie Brands Event #3 Pictures

February 22 2013
The third edition of the Indie Brands Event was another big hit with plenty of inspiring lectures and passionate entrepreneurs. Didn't get tickets to the sold-out event or simply want to relive the magic? Check out these great pictures by Bibi Veth of Visual Storytelling.

LOSER presenteert FALENTIJN op de Sunday Market

January 30 2013
LOSER presenteert FALENTIJN op de Sunday Market      

Single? Verlaten? Gescheiden? Afgewezen? 
Vergeet Valentijn, vier Falentijn!

Falen in de liefde hoort er nu eenmaal bij. Daarom presenteert LOSER op zondag 3 februari FALENTIJNSDAG op de Sunday Market. Met speciale aanbiedingen om liefdesleed te verzachten, gebroken harten te helen en falen te vieren.

LOSER € 10 
LUDDUVUDDU – Niet Zo Vrolijke Doos € 15 
LUDDUVUDDU – Snif Snif liefdesparfum € 15
Reality Check Wedding Ring - € 35 
LOSER-wijn € 10 
LOSER-cupcake €1
WANNEER: zondag 3 februari 
WAAR: Westergasterrein 
HOE LAAT: van 12.00 tot 18.00 uur 

Indie Brands Event #3

January 22 2013
"Creativity, Competition and Entrepreneurship”

The Indie Brands events delve into the world of independent brands with inspirational lectures, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and visual eye candy from indie brands like Threadless, Oat Shoes, John Altman, As Good As New, Two-O, Festina Lente Collective, Halbe beer and many more.

Indie brands don’t just come up with creative products, they can also change the way business is done. During the third Indie Brands event, we’ll show indie brands that have taken the idea of creative entrepreneurship to a new level: they’ve come up with creative new ways of doing business or creating buzz. Think of Threadless the brand that made community-driven design both cool and profitable.

But creative entrepreneurship also applies to marketing and branding. Faced with a limited budget and a non-existing PR department, indie brands need to be smart when it comes to marketing and getting their name out there. According to Canadian journalist Mitch Joel “we're quickly moving into a DIY (do it yourself) culture, where businesses can, literally, do everything and anything because of the power of the Internet - from sourcing production facilities to securing funding to cheap and effective direct to consumer marketing. All of this is giving rise to more individuals who are opting for entrepreneurship over the grind of nine to five.” We’ll be talking to some of these entrepreneurial individuals that have taken matters into their own hands.

We’ll also be revisiting some of the brands that attended the first Indie Brands edition back in December 2011. Back then we saw young,enthusiastic entrepreneurs who seemed eager to conquer the world despite economic turbulent times. Where are these brands now? Have they survived? Or thrived? What’s left of their initial ideas and ideals? 

The Indie Brands Event is an initiative by Anneloes van Gaalen and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Tickets 10 Euro

Paperdoll's Archive

January 19 2013
Over the years I have written articles for many international publications and have been personally featured in some as well. Most of these clippings are safely stored on my computer and in my paper archive. Such a shame when you think about it. High time to open the vaults. From time to time I'll be posting articles in the archive section, so check back regularly.